Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What I've been up to...

1. I found this beautiful picture online and so while it has nothing what so ever to do with this post I just thought I would place it here to show the beauty that God is.
2. Can you guess what Ive been doing?

If you guessed tie dying then you're correct!!! Oh gosh its so much fun and the results are absolutley phenominal!
3.I just graduated high school a couple of weeks ago and so ive been going through my stuff trying to get rid of old papers. I have also been trying to delelte old assigments/essays but as Ive gone through some of them Ive realized that some are work rereading and even possibly worth sharing. I hope I dont bore you guys to death with them but I think some are actually alright:)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

And I shall say t'was lovely

It’s Saturday afternoon and I walk into my backyard, excited but yet a little hesitant to fulfill my final obligation for English. Not knowing what to expect and what “nature” will come my way I plop myself down on the gritty pavement and set up camp between my stucco tan house and the tree that is touching( okay… almost touching) the blue clouded sky. With my smoothie in my left hand and my pen and paper in the other I’m ready to begin my sightseeing adventure, but first a sip of my smoothie, pink speckled with purple and red seeds. My tongue slides over a piece of fruit, pineapple; it’s always the pineapple….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ahh refreshed I’m ready to work again. I notice the winds blowing at my back and a bug flits by me. I am but a tiny bit annoyed. Okay so not the point of this assignment, I’m supposed to be enjoying nature silly goose! I look again and this time I see the earth in its simplest of forms. The wind blows through the grass and while it seems relatively still, upon further inspection I see individual pieces of grass swaying in the breeze. Are ants affected by wind? If so there’s probably a little ant, holding on for dear life on a weed stalk, just wishing to go home to his mother. Lost in a world other then my own, I am startled when my auburn, fuzzy golden retriever dog, Bailey, nudges me. This is her subtle plea for love and attention and all I can think is don’t we all need a little bit more love, don’t we all. My hair falls across my back in a braid still wet from my shower earlier in the morning. I take another sip of my smoothie, I’m running low. Not many bugs swarm around me, that’s good because I can’t handle insects. The bees that used to inhabit my neighbor’s lawn have been relocated. I’m happy they weren’t killed although they are definitely not my friends. Why is it that the bees get to see foreign lands, yet I’m stuck in my backyard? Who knows though, maybe they are jealous of me, getting a warm home to stay in where nobody can kick me out of.  The sun beats at my back and I know that being the fair skinned, blond haired girl I am, I’m sure to get sunburned. I wish I was like the lizard who can hide in the crevices of the walls or the birds who can hid away in the tree out of sight from the light of day. The birds above my head chirp but I can’t place from what part of the tree the singing comes from. It appears that the tree itself is chirping, hopping to tell anyone that will listen the story if has to share. If only we would all take a moment to just sit and hear, nature will be sure to tell its tale, filled with humor, drama, a little fable (every story needs some fluff), and of course hardship . Nature has a way of bringing a smile to the saddened and a good cry to those who need to open up. It’s Saturday afternoon and slowly, hesitantly I walk out of my backyard.

Where the Best Secrets Lie

Here is an essay I wrote for english about nature. I hope you like it!

I’ve heard before that nature is a place without people, but really who can define nature? Nature is what surrounds us and for myself Sunday afternoon at graduation party, filled with streamers and people, lots of people, I found myself in nature.  My cousins are 5 and 3, and so for them, adventure can be found anywhere and everywhere. We watched a lion run through the forest of the laundry room and touched the tusks of an elephant seated upon the couch. The rug jumped out at us and became lush greenery ready to be laid upon; a place to sit and dream about what lies beyond. For us reality was just a figment of our imagination and what really mattered was what we could create beyond our own existence.

As night closed in on us we made our way up through the stairs but really we were trekking through the rough terrain of the mountains. I held my 3 year old cousin in my arms because “up” is the only place he desires to be at the moment. I felt as though I was in the Sound of Music but this reference was lost upon the unknowing heads of the youngsters. They had so much to learn. I knew that this was my chance to instill in them the fact that life does not have to be boring and although it won’t be a cake walk either, they need to live life to the fullest. Yes I know they are but 3 and 5, they need to know that their imagination should be at work throughout the day...If only everyone had the mind and soul of a child.

We continued on our journey, reaching the peak of the mountain and walked strait, past the hallways, past the bedrooms, slid open the screen and we made our way to the balcony (which was really the overhanging of a cave). We looked down in the wildness that was the backyard and saw what we had accomplished. We had made it past all of the people and dreamed up our own Narnia. A nature of our own. And as the people talked and deserts where sampled, we danced because that’s what our heart desired. On Sunday at around 6:57, I was nature and nature was me.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


For those of you who don't know what NOTW stands for, its Not Of This World. Basically it's a Christian apparel brand that has many items ranging from T-shirts to jewelry to stickers. Every purchase is used to impact a life through Christian ministries. Well  today I'm going to give you the opportunity to check out their website and even save while doing so!

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* I am in no way affiliated with NOTW website or brand just trying to save you guys some money and give you a great website to buy Christian apparel

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Discount on Makeup!

So I know that nobody is reading my blog(yet!) but I still wanted to say the deal I found today while going around the mall! So apparently Victoria Secret is discontinuing their makeup brand( apparently it wasn't profitable enough) and so they are discounting all of it. About two weeks ago it was at 30% off but today I went and it's 50% off. Upon further thrifting investigation one of the workers said it should be up to 75% off by the end of this week or the start of next week. So if you get a chance go check out their make up selection. Oh also all the bras and clothes are on sale along side it!

* I am in no way endorsing Victoria Secret I am just keeping you up to date on the latest deals I have found! Keep checking in to stay up to date on my sales adventures:)

P.S. Im am just now realizing the irony in the subject manner as yesterday I wrote a blog about beauty being on the inside as the thing that matters and now I'm telling you to go get make up! I dont believe make up is bad in the least ( except for all the chemicals put into it. Ewk!) as long as its used in moderation.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Beauty (re)defined

Our whole lives, we have grown up with adult’s description of beauty as “it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” In elementary school, we were told that everyone was to be included, especially on Valentine’s Day. Like most classrooms across the country, the rule was, if you were going to give a card to one person, then you have to give everyone else a card as well but the truth was that if you were pretty your "mailbox" would be overflowing with goodies. Entering into middle school this same message was implemented into our minds as well, with signs that read “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But somewhere along the way, this idea that beauty was past the surface, was dropped. For most girls (and guys), the idealized image of beauty is to look like the model, Gisele B√ľndchen or soccer superstar, David Beckham. Drastic measures are taken to obtain this idealized image of beauty. Eye brows are waxed, faces re-sculpted, breast enhanced, and extreme dieting measures taken. But what if beauty truly is “what’s on the inside that counts?”
Once the superficiality of looks and images are cast aside, beauty becomes something much more capturing and intimate. Ask any man truly in love with his wife what makes her most beautiful and I doubt he would say her looks. Actress Amanda Peet, puts it wellBeauty is only skin deep. If you go after someone just because she's beautiful but don't have anything to talk about, it's going to get boring fast.Beauty is the mother who hasn’t slept in weeks but still gets up in the middle of the night to check on her sleeping baby. Beauty is the flower that grows through the weeds, or even the weeds themselves, that have suffered much and still manage to grow. Beauty is the stars in the sky, which manage to shine bright, even on the darkest nights. Beauty is the giggle of a baby. Beauty is you.
In a society where so much focus is place on beauty, it’s dangerous to break away from the norm.   Putting focus on looks isn’t bad but the real danger comes when outer beauty is placed on a much higher pedestal. True beauty is more than a size two jeans or having the clearest skin. Beauty is generosity and good will to neighbors. Beauty is a smile. Beauty is dancing in the rain. Beauty is not caring whose watching. Beauty is confidence. Beauty is you.
Sometimes true beauty is hard to come by. It’s not easy to discover what true beauty is because, often the definition of it is so obscure. Conformity and fitting in is most important to the superficial idea of beauty, but true beauty is much more. True beauty is the willingness to take a stand for something, it’s the ability to laugh and be real. True beauty can’t be confined to a set of standards in which a few select people decide what’s beautiful and what’s not. Beauty isn’t pain. It doesn’t require lipstick. It doesn’t need to be bought. Beauty only needs to be brought out into the open. Beauty from the inside isn’t a norm in society. Walls have to be torn down. People need to see that beauty is more than being voted sexiest man or women alive. Those who go against the norms of society have always been thought to weird or strange but who know, maybe once and for all, it truly will be “what’s on the inside that counts.”
Check out to see more beauty focused on the inside!
Okay so I went to a fancy dinner fundraiser  tonight. It was at a beautiful golf club so I decided to go ahead and take some pictures. Check them out!:)

 Ahhhhhhhh they totally were raffling off a hamburger phone from the movie "Juno"!!! I didn't win though and now I'm just a little bit sad:(